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About diascope

  • Why another command line slideshow program?
    • Initially diascope was intended to create short DV clips that could be mixed with regular DV footage in kino. This is why diascope supports DV and SMIL files. Moreover, I wanted it to perform that kind of luma transitions as kino has them.
    • Later I figured that diascope was useful for making slideshows in their own right, so I added other output formats, simple titles etc.
  • Which features will diascope provide in the future?
    • Good question - HDTV is straightforward to implement in case there's a need for it. A better title generator could be useful, too. I'm open for realistic suggestions.
  • Which features will diascope not provide?
    • Diascope was not designed to author DVDs. Diascope's intention is to create shorter slideshows tweaked to the last frame. Hence it provides options such as hyper-smooth pan and zoom ("Ken Burns effect") oversampling and the recycle mode that allows to adjust each single scene of a long show until you're satisfied, without the need for recalculating the whole show. If you're looking for a slideshow program with dvd-authoring capabilities, you may prefer dvd-slideshow.
  • What if you could start all over?
    • In hindsight, using a programming language for which ImageMagick bindings exist could give a significant performance boost to diascope. Awk, on the other hand, is a very user-friendly language. Without it diascope would probably be far from what it is now.


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