diascope: audio

Audio syntax

Sound files are specifed by the audio statement. As a rule, sound files play until their end and are padded with silence unless another audio statement is given before. Audio statements can occur at any point and take effect as of the following action or transition.


audio silence
audio filename [filename [...]] [options]

The first line is a special case which tells diascope to play no audio until the next audio statement is given. The second line tells diascope to play audio files as of the next action or transition. As of diascope-0.2-beta-3, ffmpeg is used to convert audio files to wav for diascope's internal processing, so you can use any audio file that ffmpeg can read. (Previously, this conversion was done with sox which comes with limited codec support on most distributions.) If multiple audio files are given they will just be played in that order.



If repeat is given the audio files specified on that statement are repeated until the next statement (or until the end of the slideshow). The volume can be scaled using the vol option if necessary. For example, vol=0.5 reduces the audio amplitude to half the original value. If fade is given diascope will fade in and fade out the sound during the specified time.

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